About the Firm

The broad range of legal services offered by the firm is described in the Areas of Practice section. The firm is well known for its real estate practice and expertise in commercial real estate development. Also, the firm has a strong concentration in public law. No other central Illinois law firm can match the firm's expertise and broad range of experience in representing public bodies, including school districts. Attorneys in the firm are regularly called upon by local governmental bodies to provide legal services in areas such as development, financing, labor, zoning, compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, and litigation unique to municipalities.

Reflecting the attorneys' and staff's work ethic and commitment to clients, the office of Miller, Hall & Triggs, LLC, is a busy work center. We have integrated the latest technology into the practice to serve clients more efficiently.

While Miller, Hall & Triggs, LLC, does not engage in traditional advertising, we zealously guard our reputation, knowing that our continued success depends upon the quality of the work product.

At Miller, Hall & Triggs, LLC, we always suggest to prospective clients that the best way to evaluate a law firm is to talk to existing clients.

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