Category: Mechanic’s Liens

Jeffrey Krumpe helps to solidify mechanic’s lien rights of architects, engineers, and surveyors

Jeffrey Krumpe recently participated in a successful appeal to the Illinois Supreme Court, which solidified the mechanic’s lien rights of architects, engineers, and surveyors. Agreeing with Mr. Krumpe’s client, a unanimous Supreme Court held that those design professionals who perform any service for the purpose of improving real property (even when actual construction does not proceed) are entitled to assert a mechanics lien.

The Supreme Court’s opinion can be found here.

An article discussing the case, can be found on the Illinois Bar Association’s web site by clicking here.

Central Illinois Elec. Services v. Slepian

MHT Partner Jeffrey Krumpe represented an electrical contractor asserting mechanics lien rights against a homeowner.  The appellate court interpreted provisions of the Home Repair and Remodeling Act in a way which invalidated the contractor’s mechanics lien rights.  This decision was ultimately overruled by later court decisions and amendments to the law.

Read the appellate court’s now-invalid decision here.