MHT Presents Seminar on New Overtime Regulations to Local Businesses

MHT Partner Joshua D. Herman, in coordination with the Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bradley University, presented a Lunch and Learn Seminar for the New Overtime Rules on July 26, 2016.

The new Overtime Rules almost double the salary employees must be paid in order to be exempt from overtime payment protections, requiring all business – large and small – review their current employees and prepare.

The Illinois Small Business Development Center at Bradley University and Joshua Herman, a partner at the law firm of Miller, Hall & Triggs, LLC, cosponsored a lunch-and-learn regarding the new Overtime Regulations to address the significantly impact to local businesses.  Attendees learned about:

  • What the new rules change;
  • How the new rules apply to their business;
  • The need audit employee classifications and how to do so;
  • How to maintain exemptions or otherwise handle newly non-exempt employees after Dec. 1; and,
  • Severe penalties for failing to comply with the rule.

If you would like a copy of the written materials provided to attendees, or if you would like more information about what you must do to prepare for the changes in the law, contact Joshua Herman.

For more information, see the recent news broadcasts regarding the new overtime rules by visiting WMBD New Overtime Law or by reading the Peoria Journal Star article: “Many employers unaware of how new overtime rules affect them.”

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